The company adheres to the concept of“"innovation, environmental protection, pragmatism and efficiency";
Continuous technical innovation to improve the rationalization design of automation and cleaning equipment
To provide customers with high-quality automation equipment and cleaning equipment, and provide professional technical support and fast and perfect after-sales service.

  • Vision and mission

    With leading R & D and precision manufacturing technology as the core, we are constantly exceeding customer expectations. Become the benchmark of cleaning automation equipment industry, and provide customers with overall cleaning automation solutions.

  • Quality concept

    Quality is not a slogan, but the insistence and execution of every detail.

  • service idea

    From the perspective of customers, the equipment is more humanized and more convenient for customers. Create the best products and services, and strive to serve the heart.

  • Employment concept

    People oriented, quality first, integrity professional, simple and practical, teamwork, passion and gratitude



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